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Complete Service System
Capacity And After Sales

The annual production capacity exceeds 1000 sets, providing one-stop radar wind measurement, application and data services, and after-sales support services of equipment management platform

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The company has a complete after-sales service system, which can provide one-stop radar wind measurement, application and data services, equipment management platform support services and full life cycle technical support. Using the company's equipment management platform, users can see the outfield radar (under network conditions) on the computer or mobile phone, and obtain the longitude and latitude position information, working status & safety status information, as well as the parameters of the intermediate process.

Intelligent Operation And Maintenance

MOVELASER Committed to hardware research and development platform as the basis, to advanced laser technology and core technology research as the drive, to provide customers with high-quality, accurate, multidimensional solutions, continue to promote the technological progress of all industries


Radium Laser

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